Our Difference

Our Difference

Why choose AiDA

AiDA will always promote integrity, accountability, strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation. Through these things we encourage and inspire every dancer to find their creativity inside their soul as they “tell their story” through dance.

AiDA believes that in positive leadership. Our staff is here not only here to teach your child, but to be positive role models, so they can guide them to be leaders through positive instruction and mentorship.

Each AiDA studio has a “Floating” Dance Floor. The floating dance floor is a system of premium grade wood that lays on high dense foam to absorb the shock and impact from dancing. The floating floors helps to prevent injuries to the dancers joints.

AiDA has an amazing and talented staff that has trained for years in many genres. Many of our staff members are Dance Science majors at Texas A&M. and are currently training in injury prevention. Here at AiDA we are always strengthening our skills and continuing our dance training!

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